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Randy Kay
Randy Kay is a Professional Speaker,
Author, Entrepreneur, Success Expert,
Organizational Developer, Personal Coach,
Professional Trainer, Sales Trainer.




 Randy Kay's  book covers
everything you need to know
about being successful…day-by-day...whether you’re trying to further your career or wanting
to improve your life.

Randy Kay's new book,
Daily Keys to Success, is due
to release in November 2013.

Summary of the Book:
           Daily Keys to Success

Daily Keys to Success by Randy Kay is an inexhaustible reservoir of insights and teachings that will challenge you to devote your attention to new ways of thriving – right now. It could be new skills, or it could be the first step toward an exciting adventure that follows your dreams, or it could be a unique learning experience, one that fills you with fresh awareness and excitement.

Daily Keys to Success by Randy Kay is arranged by calendar day for daily growth. It brings you a wealth of fresh, diverse, and captivating developmental material and insights. You’ll find:

  • Topics of interest for any individual from professionals desiring to grow their career to people wanting to improve their life skills and overall satisfaction.
  • Inspiring, real-life stories and proven principles that illuminate important ideas and offer practical applications to make your life the best it can be.
  • Thought-provoking concepts and corresponding quotations from notable individuals in every sphere of life.

“This inspiring and motivating book is loaded with nuggets of wisdom and insight to lift your spirits and drive you forward.”  ~Brian Tracy – Author,
The Power of Self-Confidence


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Are you looking for a resource to help you grow to lead a life of significance? Are you thirsty to learn but can't seem to find substantive success content? Look no further!

Try Randy Kay's success mentoring program to help you get started.

Randy's success mentoring program equips you to live out Randy's profound success lessons. Randy's mentoring program is your connection to exclusive Randy Kay content.

Sending us a request to become a member for mentorship includes:

  • A new and relevant success lesson each month
  • Notes highlighting Randy's key points
  • Success tips and highlights from Daily Keys to Success
  • Contact us to request more information about Randy Kay's success mentoring program.








    I'll be presenting for "The Boardroom" in San Diego, February 4, at LC-3, Life Center, La Jolla Presbyterian Church, 7715 Draper Ave., La Jolla, from 8-10 a.m, and doing a book-signing there.


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    Randy has given more than 4,000 talks and seminars and has worked with several companies worldwide. His talks are insightful informative, and enjoyable. Randy has a delightful ability to customize each talk for his particular audience. He presents a series of tested success factors and strategies with a practical combination of fact, insights and proven concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

    Randy teaches professionals and contributors in work and life how to apply proven success factors to their lives. He gives them a series of practical, proven techniques they can use to gain more satisfaction and live a life of significance. They learn how to discover their calling, improve their skills, and stay motivated day after day. Randy has personally trained more than 10,000 professionals with these success principles.

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